The INNOVO participating in PACKINNO 2017


The PACKINNO 2017 was held from 1st Mar to 3rd Mar, 2017 in Guangzhou, at the B exhibition hall of The Canton Fair. The exhibition has been packed with famous manufacturers from the packing industry. INNOVO also took part in this grand meeting. We are fully prepared to meet customers from all over the world.

During the three days’ exhibition, The INNOVO displayed the leading-edge products in PE package area, proposed solutions for better packing from raw materials to packing materials and ultimately finished products. From coiled materials, the floor coating, temperature control materials, packing bag to personalized location packages. The attendees will have an intuitive understanding, by the detail introduction of the INNOVO people; get to know how we combine new technology with traditional packing industry. At the same time, through own visual and tactile experience, have a better look for the potential of future intelligent packages.

The INNOVO inherited JiuDing’s business principles: keep their promise, quality first, inherited JiuDing business vision: as the worlds leader in the packaging industry. On this basis, INNOVO put forwarded: More perfect of package and one-stop total packaging solutions(Complete Packaging Solution)

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